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Candidate Interview - Beta Sin

As part of our commitment to continually improving our services, Specialized Group's Beta Sin conducted a candidate interview with Minoru Shibahara. Beta recently helped Minoru Shibahara to secure a lucrative position as a Head of Legal.

1) Please tell us about your career to date?

I spent more than 10 years as an in-house Legal professional in global companies.

2) What triggered you to change jobs?

I wanted to come back to the manufacturing industry.

3) What were the factors in accepting the opportunity that Specialized Group introduced you to?

I decided to get back to the manufacturing industry and the company that the Specialized Group introduced me to was excellent.

4) Did anything make you uneasy to change your job? How did you solve or overcome the uneasiness?

It was supposed to be difficult to return to manufacturing after the financial services sector, but Specialized Group introduced me to good opportunities.

5) What did you think about the services given by Specialized Group?

The support from my consultant, Ms. Beta Sin, was tremendously warm and extremely swift.

6) Do you have a message for those changing jobs?​

Take an opportunity through Specialized Group and I may see you at a legal conference!

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