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Client Testimonials

  • Makoto Saito, Risk Management Department

    ​The wide selection of candidates for risk management positions in our company enabled us to meet the needs of our company, including potential candidates.

    In addition, the collaboration in the recruitment process was speedy and precise.

    Makoto Saito, Risk Management Department, Client Testimonial for Ashiqul Shetu
    Mizuho Securities
  • Client Testimonial for Fiona Or

    ​Fiona really worked hard and collaborated very well with us. Not only introducing the great candidate, but she always walks our journey together, by understanding our business, circumstances and people.

    Without any doubt, she is our trusted partner and looking forward to working closely and continuously with her.

    Client Testimonial for Fiona Or, Yasuhito Okabe, APAC Senior HR Manager
    BioMarin Pharmaceutical Japan
  • Client Testimonial for Joseph Oller

    ​I would describe Specialized and Joe as authentic and genuine. This has flowed through the recruitment process and helped in landing candidates with the right fit for the role, and importantly the company and our working style.

    Client Testimonial for Joseph Oller, Douglas Rowlands, Head of Finance
    Heineken Japan K.K.
  • Client Testimonial for Daniel Biggs

    ​Daniel-san gave me a very professional support for our vacant HR position.

    He has committed to introduce the candidates to our open position from the beginning and he really did introduce us solid candidates.

    We successfully hired the strong candidate, and we appreciate it.

    Client Testimonial for Daniel Biggs, 鈴木郁美, Human Resources Manager
    BASF Japan
  • Client Testimonial for Haruka Cho

    Ms Cho understands very well on client needs and made great efforts to search, select and communicate closely with candidate and us. The entire process took more time than expecited but with strong patient, she has sourched a good candidate and closed deal. Her strength is a good communication both in Japanese and English directly talking and understanding HQ's expectation and processes. Thanks Haruka san!

    Client Testimonial for Haruka Cho, Yuko Shimazu, General Manager, Asset Management, Logistics
    Mapletree Investments Japan 株式会社
  • Client Testimonial for Specialized Group

    By partnering with Specialized, we were able to hire a number of skilled people into our team in a very short period of time. Specialized took the project from start to finish – selecting appropriate channels, proactively scouting on our behalf, screening, testing, scheduling, and tracking all processes until each candidate graduated from probation. They complemented and assisted our internal HR team very well.

    Client Testimonial for Specialized Group, Mr. Berinder Thind, Director of Finance
    The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo and The Park Residences Tokyo Midtown
  • Mr. Kwanho Park

    I would definitely want to work with Specialized Group again. Specialized Group is a team of dedicated and professional agents.

    Mr. Kwanho Park, Director of Recruiting
  • Mr. Tatsuya Miyamoto

    Specialized Group definitely has excellent teams who were able to help us reach our target market. We have enjoyed working with Specialized Group; they tried their hardest to understand what characteristics we wanted in a candidate. Specialized Group were very honest and active in communicating with both the candidates and us in a timely manner. We were able to feel very confident throughout the whole recruiting process. We would love to work with Specialized Group again.

    Mr. Tatsuya Miyamoto, Vice President
    Global Logistics Properties
  • Mr. Shinya Kogawa

    In the face of social and economic changes, our firm is always striving to reach the next level. To achieve that, we need to obtain not only industry-ready fellows, but also people with future potential. The Specialized Group recruitment consultant we have been working with always understands our needs in detail and promptly provides us with precise solutions that match our expectations. After the decision to hire the candidate from our end, he maintains relations with them and takes care of their worries or concerns. Finally, his courtesy, faith, and diligence have given our firm a platform to be successful.

    Mr. Shinya Kogawa, Director
    Nikken Sekkei Construction management, Inc.
  • Ms. Ejay Kim

    I am grateful for the professional work and strategic service provided by Yuki Akiyama and her team. What we appreciated most about working with Specialized Group was their great assistance in introducing us to the perfect candidate in a timely manner. We are very pleased with Specialized Group and would recommend it to anyone, especially those in the fashion industry.

    Ms. Ejay Kim, HR Manager
  • Mr. Shingo Nishioka

    Specialized Group is, without any doubt, our best partner; they are truly specialized. People are definitely the most important element in running a business. With Specialized Group’s help, we have had a few outstanding and excellent people that triggered radical changes in our business performance.

    Mr. Shingo Nishioka, Regional Vice President
    Regus Japan
  • Mr. Steve Bidinger

    I’ve used the same recruitment consultant since my days at Bourjois and Chanel – and most recently, with J. Walther Thompson (JWT), for which he helped me recruit a controller and management reporting staff. He’s one of the best recruiters I've worked with in Japan and one that I will continue to work with in the years to come. What I really like about the service that I received is that, in addition to being very professional and friendly, they did not pressure me during the searches.

    Mr. Steve Bidinger, Board Member
    J. Walter Thompson
  • Mr. Angus Brooks

    Specialized Group took the time to meet our team and understand our business. They ensured that our candidate shared our goals and beliefs. I was really pleased with how they conducted the search. We asked Specialized to identify potential candidates for a legal counsel role. Within four weeks, we had selected a bilingual lawyer qualified in Australia and Japan, with direct experience in asset management. We firmly believe that he has the ability to grow into a key member of our commercial team.

    Mr. Angus Brooks, Chief Operating Officer
    Goodman Japan
  • Andrew Springthorpe

    Daniel Biggs, our Specialized Group recruiter, found the perfect candidate for us in a very timely manner, he was professional and diligent during the entire process. Thank you, Daniel.

    Andrew Springthorpe, Senior Executive Vice President
    Sumida Brokers and Consulting
  • Pascal Bartholome

    The Red Planet group operates in 4 countries around the world. Japan is the most challenging in terms of recruitment as we are growing rapidly in the country. We use recruitment agencies for highly specific positions, and I like working with Specialized Group as they are very active and excellent at following-up. I also appreciate their flexibility and advice as part of providing a more efficient recruitment process.

    Pascal Bartholome, Snr. VP Human Resources
    Red Planet Hotels
  • Mr. Frederic Gedda

    Specialized Group introduced us to the perfect candidate, enabling us to wrap up the hiring process in just about three months. Thank you, Specialized Group, for listening to our needs carefully and quickly proposing good candidates.

    Mr. Frederic Gedda, Japan Director
    La Maison du Chocolat
  • Ms. Yumi Ishibashi

    After screening the candidates that Specialized Group referred, the hiring manager (our CFO) and I found that several candidates were completely qualified for the job and were within in our salary range. Thanks to their deep understanding of our requirements, we were able to hire the best candidate within a short timeframe. We highly appreciated Specialized Group’s great job and will continue to work with them.

    Ms. Yumi Ishibashi, Head of HR & GA
  • Mr. Masaki Asano

    Specialized Group has been providing me excellent service through Joe Oller. Whenever I’d request candidates, he would give me a very organized list of qualified candidates with all necessary information. Joe can coordinate very closely with candidates, and his response always covers everything I need. I can strongly recommend Joe Oller when you need to find qualified candidates in a short time!

    Mr. Masaki Asano, Operations Senior Manager
  • Mr. Richard Myerscough

    Although we provide a somewhat complex and unique set of requirements, for our recent recruitment, the recruitment consultant handled the whole process with incredible professionalism and a very proficient manner. The recruitment consultant listened to our requirements, diligently provided a concise shortlist of well-briefed and suitable candidates, and responded immediately to all our feedback. As a result of their hard work, we believe we have secured the right person with the right business acumen and personality to fit both the role requirements and our company culture – exactly what we set out to do.

    Mr. Richard Myerscough, Country Manager
    Virgin Atlantic Airways
  • Mr. Mario Boccalero

    Specialized Group was immediately able to narrow down the choices to the right candidates in line with my requirements in terms of budget and skills, so I wasted very little time. They were highly efficient and effective – which was fundamental for me. I strongly recommend Specialized Group.

    Mr. Mario Boccalero, Head of GBS, Hong Kong & PRC
    LLX Global Business Services
  • Mr. Masanori Kawaguchi

    Specialized Group introduced a very appropriate person, exactly whom we are looking for. In the course of completing our internal procedure for employment, Specialized Group continuously supported the candidate and me.

    Mr. Masanori Kawaguchi, Director
  • Mr. Daniel Saw

    Specialized Group is a team of dedicated and professional agents. I am impressed with the level of service we received. We have multiple high-quality candidates willing to move to new locations.

    Mr. Daniel Saw, Executive Director
    Hamadaya Shoyu Co.
  • Ms. Mayumi Aoki

    Specialized Group was excellent in its quick responses to move our hiring process forward. Other recruitment companies are also quick to respond, but Specialized Group’s speed was amazing. The consultant that I worked with was professional and proactive. He showed the best understanding of both candidates’ and our company’s requirements. His efficient work effort helped us ensure a smooth final result from the hiring process.

    Ms. Mayumi Aoki, Finance Controller
    Embarcadero Technologies
  • Mr. Martin Maigaard

    Specialized Group grasped what kind of person we were looking for. The hiring process went very well, and I greatly appreciated the speedy call-backs and follow-up after each interview.

    Mr. Martin Maigaard, Financial Planning & Analysis
    DENTSPLY Implants
  • Ms. Jenny Kahn

    I have no hesitation recommending Specialized Group; in fact, I have done it many times!

    Ms. Jenny Kahn, Sr. Global Recruiter
    Pro Unlimited
  • Mr. Terry White

    Specialized Group is simply a group of professional recruiters that go way beyond the norm in meeting client needs. I have found them to be always on the ball, always looking for innovative solutions, and ALWAYS easy to do business with. In the crowded recruiting space of Tokyo, they stand out.

    Mr. Terry White, President and Representative Director
    Neways Japan
  • Mr. David Crouch

    We are confident that the person we have hired through Specialized Group will grow to become an important member of the LinguaNext team. I would recommend Specialized Group to anyone else in a similar situation in the future. We chose to work with them as we needed to find a strong candidate in a short period of time – someone with the technical knowledge, customer liaison skills, flexibility, and entrepreneurial flair that has helped make LinguaNext so successful.

    Mr. David Crouch, CEO & Representative Director
  • Client Testimonial for Daniel Biggs


    Client Testimonial for Daniel Biggs, Senior Executive Vice President
    Sumida Brokers and Consulting
  • Lucas Pflanzl-Knizacek, Director of Business Development

    I wanted to thank you for the professionalism you demonstrated with the search, planning, and in conducting the interviews. It has been an excellent experience for us! We will definitely recommend your services and get back to you if we have a further need in the future.

    Lucas Pflanzl-Knizacek, Director of Business Development,
    CBmed GmbH
  • Mr. J. Kaushik, Director of Project Management

    It has been a thoroughly professional experience working with Specialized Group. Their detailed understanding of the requirements empowered them to provide candidates with a fantastic fit. Their quick response to any changes in the requirements or schedules is outstanding.

    Mr. J. Kaushik, Director of Project Management,
    SBI Antworks
  • Client Testimonial for Joseph Oller

    This project was a difficult one due to various reasons. I was introduced to a very good person, but there was a delay in getting the offer finalized. During that time, Joseph Oller frequently contacted the candidate and updated him on the situation, so the candidate could understand the delay. I think I will be working with Specialized Group again soon. It was a really nice experience.

    Client Testimonial for Joseph Oller,
    Tomoko Tajima, Human Resources, Imerys Graphite & Carbon Japan
  • Client Testimonial for Specialized Group / Chikako Uchino

    I have developed a professional relationship with Specialized Group over the past 10 years. I am very satisfied with their recruitment consulting services. They have introduced us to highly skilled candidates, who have integrated well into our company. We appreciate the introductions.

    I also appreciated the support of the consulting team and Ms. Chikako Uchino, they are very capable and reliable consultants. Thank you both.


    Client Testimonial for Specialized Group / Chikako Uchino,
    Ms. Miyako Nakane, HR & GA Manager, Young Living Japan
  • Client Testimonial for Daniel Biggs

    Daniel and his colleagues at Specialized Group are some of the most dedicated and trustworthy professionals out there in the recruitment industry. Not only did they help us successfully hire a vital HR position for the business, Daniel was always available with timely updates, relevant candidate introductions, and suitable advice. I look forward to continuously working with them.

    Client Testimonial for Daniel Biggs, Neven Stubić – Associate Manager, Talent Acquisition
    McCann Worldgroup Holdings Japan Inc.
  • Client Testimonial for Kafung Chan

    As a venture in fast-growing pace, it's challenging and essential to recruit the right candidates. WIth Kafung's professional and linguistics skills, he has always done the magic to source the right candidate and delivers the candidate with the right opportunities. I wish I have met him when I was looking for a job and I am glad now that he is our recruiting consultant instead of our competitors'. WIth Kafung's support, we are lucky to be able to spend more time on business development than hiring.

    Client Testimonial for Kafung Chan, J.Y., COO
    Post Lintel
  • Client Testimonial for Kafung Chan

    Kafung helped Red Planet Japan to recruit a Project Manager. During this recruitment process, the Covid-19 outbreak have hit our business and Kafung has been a very good help to adapt the recruitment to this new situation. Finally, and thanks to Kafung, we have been able to find the right candidate despite the crisis situation. Kafung listened carefully our need for the role and did a very good follow up during the whole process.

    Client Testimonial for Kafung Chan, PASCAL BARTHOLOME, Sr VP Human Resources
    Red Planet
  • Client Testimonial for Andrea Qu

    We have used many professional recruiting services all over Asia, including the big name ones. Specialized Group provided the best level of quality and professionalism. Andrea Qu was extremely diligent and communicative. In the end she found us the perfect candidate. Thanks Specialized!

    Client Testimonial for Andrea Qu, Allen, L. Co-founder / COO
    Collab Japan
  • Ms. Kana Sato

    Thanks to Specialized Group, I was able to complete the hiring process safely. It was a really big help.

    They are faster and were able to understand our needs better than other recruiters. By introducing perfect candidates, we were able to proceed smoothly to the final selection. I had a little hard work, but I was encouraged by the situation. I think that this success would not have been possible without Kafung. In the future, our recruitment will increase across various positions, I would like Kafung to be in charge again. I look forward to working with Kafung and Specialized Group.

    Ms. Kana Sato,
    DDI Japan Co. Ltd,
  • Ms. Ayako Ando, Asset Management Manager

    Kafung, our recruitment consultant, has been very helpful. He understands our needs and can help you find the right candidate faster than anyone else.

    I work with several agents in searching for various human resources, but Kafung's responsiveness is by far the best.

    I was looking for the right talent for our position, so I was glad I connected with Kafung. I look forward to working with him in the future.

    Ms. Ayako Ando, Asset Management Manager,
    Housing Japan
  • Paul Chen-Monetization Strategy

    The role we are looking to hire is a difficult one, it requires both superior analytical skills and strong business partnering experiences. Joe has been amazing in connecting us with many strong candidates in the market, which we struggled to find on our own. In the end, we successfully closed the case much faster that we thought, all thanks to Joe's strong network and quick grasp on what talent our business needs. I can't thank him enough!

    Paul Chen-Monetization Strategy,
  • Onome Hitohisa

    In a word, I got impressed by your ardent attitude to introduce possible candidates to us. In fact, I didn't see any staff agent who introduced so many candidates during the short period. In addition, though I think it must be one of the strong points of your firm, all the candidates were supposed to have English proficiency at least at some business level. 
    Anyway, thank you so much for your work again. I really appreciate your dedicated and professional work. 

    Onome Hitohisa,
    Tokin Kemet
  • Masao Murakami, Associate Director, General Affairs and Finance

    Steven Wan accurately understood the character, experience, knowledge, educational background, etc. that we are looking for in a short period of time, and quickly introduced candidates. I am grateful that I was able to close a position that had been open for a long time.

    Masao Murakami, Associate Director, General Affairs and Finance,