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Candidate Interview - Chris Agomuo

As part of our commitment to continually improving our services, Specialized Group's Chris Agomuo conducted a candidate interview with Takeshi Hosokawa. Chris recently helped Hosokawa-san find a new position as a Tax Manager.

1) Please tell us about your career to date?

National Tax Auditor, Tax Manager in a financial services company & an American law firm, Tax Judge in a national tax tribunal, and Associate Professor of taxation law.

2) What triggered you to change jobs?

The University I belong to decided to hire more professors in 2007 so my working opportunities have been going down since then. 

3) What were the factors in accepting the opportunity that Specialized Group introduced you to?

I have been interested in Indian-related taxation practices for a long time.  

4) Did anything make you uneasy to change your job? How did you solve or overcome the uneasiness?

The company wanted to change its address, so I wanted to know more information regarding the new address.

5) What did you think about the services given by Specialized Group?

Mr. Chris Agomuo was very sincere and always helpful. I have never met such a nice and friendly recruiter like Chris. He supported me and explained the situation to the client when I mistakenly answered a question regarding consumption tax in a final interview. 

6) Do you have a message for those changing jobs? 

Sometimes, questions in job interviews are tricky and hard to understand during the interview, so you should always prepare the most suitable answers for each possible question beforehand.

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