Candidate Testimonials

  • Testimonial for Lydia Sun

    The advice I got from my consultant was always clear and career-focussed. Lydia was practical and very supportive.

    Testimonial for Lydia Sun,
    Mr. Gojin Akazawa, Operational Project Manager
  • Testimonial for Jon Beadon

    It was great because the whole process and communication with Jon went very smoothly.

    Testimonial for Jon Beadon,
    Mr. Alex Cruz, IT Specialist
  • Candidate Testimonial for Specialized Group

    They clearly understand what companies and candidates want and need. They really help connect the two.

    Candidate Testimonial for Specialized Group,
    Mr. Daiki Kato, Interior/Design company
  • Testimonial for Christophe Melkior

    Specialized Group was very professional in supporting me during my job search. I am thankful that they introduced me to the right position.

    Testimonial for Christophe Melkior,
    Mr. Kusuma Dewi, Security Solution Architect
  • Testimonial for Christophe Melkior

    Specialized Group listened to the employer’s requirements and carefully looked at my profile. My agent, Christophe Melkior, did an excellent job of managing the communication channels. Instead of sitting back and simply waiting for the employer’s feedback, he proactively contributed to the success of the process.

    Testimonial for Christophe Melkior,
    Mr. Ioan Stan, Senior Network Engineer
  • Testimonial for Joseph Oller

    I was very impressed with the professional service provided Joe Oller and Specialized Group.

    Testimonial for Joseph Oller,
    Mr. Masaki Asano, Senior Operations Manager
  • Testimonial for Chikako Uchino

    Rather than introducing a number of unsuitable jobs, Specialized Group introduced me to jobs specifically based on my skills and experiences. Also, I was able to have enough information prior to the interviews, so that I was well prepared and confident.

    Testimonial for Chikako Uchino,
    Ms. Ikuko Yoshida, Manager
  • Testimonial for Clément Chidiac

    My consultant, Clement Chidiac, at Specialized Group gave me professional advice which was very helpful for me to show my strengths to the employer

    Testimonial for Clément Chidiac,
    Ms. Lili Liang, TMS System Analyst
  • Testimonial for Clément Chidiac

    I had a great experience working with my consultant Clement Chidiac from Specialized Group. Clement was patient enough to keep finding me possible matches while offering great career consultancy with his professional as well as personal experiences. He knows the industry well and has good connections with the employing company.

    Testimonial for Clément Chidiac,
    Mr. Xiaoli Shen, IT Specialist
  • Testimonial for Jon Beadon

    I felt very content with the service provided by the Specialized Group, especially the help and support, at each stage, by Mr. Jon Beadon.

    Testimonial for Jon Beadon,
    Mr. Ran Nayak, Backend Developer
  • Testimonial for Jon Beadon

    Gathering as much information from different people, such as Specialized Group, is very helpful in making a decision. It’s good chance to evaluate yourself and look at what’s happening in the market.

    Testimonial for Jon Beadon,
    Mr. Guizin Zu, Specialist Developer
  • Testimonial for Clément Chidiac

    I had not known about Specialized Group, but I am very satisfied with it’s service. At a turning point in my life, the right support was provided and there were no problems.

    Testimonial for Clément Chidiac,
    Mr. Tadashi Sugawara, Technical Support Engineer
  • Testimonial for Lydia Sun

    Ms. Lydia Sun, my consultant, was supportive from the very beginning. I was happy to have received a great offer.

    Testimonial for Lydia Sun,
    Mr. D. Lee, Network Engineer
  • Testimonial for Lydia Sun

    My consultant, Ms. Lydia Sun, was very easy to work with and always responded promptly. She communicated closely with the client and quickly cleared up any concerns that I had. Thank you very much!

    Testimonial for Lydia Sun,
    Mr. R. Tomono, IT Strategy, Finance Industry
  • Testimonial for Clément Chidiac

    Clement introduced me to a position in a great company. I got good advice and support during the interview process, it really helped me to prepare for the interview. He also helped in negotiating with the company, and always tried to answer any questions or doubts I had. I think he is very kind and a friendly person to work with.


    Testimonial for Clément Chidiac,
    Mr. I. Stephani, Software Engineer
  • Testimonial for Jon Beadon

    Right from the start, my communication with Specialized Group was result-oriented and hassle-free. Any issues were always successfully resolved to the satisfaction of both parties. I’m particularly grateful to Specialized Group for handling the salary negotiations on my behalf.


    Testimonial for Jon Beadon,
    Mr. Mikail Glazyin, Automotive Technology Specialist
  • Testimonial for Specialized Group

    The support I received from Specialized Group went beyond what an average recruiter does, they were phenomenal. They listen to what you want and understands career paths. I wouldn’t have gotten the position without Specialized Group's endless support. Cheers to Specialized Group.


    Testimonial for Specialized Group,
    Ms. Kyoko Umekawa, Accountant
  • Testimonial for Ian Lau

    I was pleasantly surprised that the company's proposal matched my personal direction. The correspondence was quicker than anyone else.

    Testimonial for Ian Lau,
    Ms. Kaori Abiru, Brand Specialist
  • Testimonial for Specialized Group

    Specialized Group has a wide range of job opportunities for bilingual professionals. My consultant believed I was a good match for a position, he talked me through the process and arranged the interview for me. I was very impressed with the prompt feedback and advice. I have worked with many agents in the past and he is one of the best.


    Testimonial for Specialized Group,
    Ms. Yukiko Yamamoto, Business Development Manager
  • Testimonial for Daniel Biggs

    Luckily for me, the Talent Acquisition Specialist who worked with me was very understanding and patient. Daniel kept an eye out for new opportunities, even if one did not go as we both expected. He persisted for a couple of months until he found me the job. I am very grateful to Daniel and his service. Specialized Group might not be a big recruiting company, but I think because of that, the service I received felt more personal and genuine.

    Testimonial for Daniel Biggs,
    T.L. Tran, Assistant HR Manager
  • Testimonial for Chris Agomuo

    Mr. Chris Agomuo was very sincere and always helpful. I have never met such a nice and friendly recruiter such as Chris. He supported me and explained the situation to the client when I mistakenly answered a question regarding consumption tax in a final interview.

    Testimonial for Chris Agomuo,
    Takeshi Hosokawa, Tax Manager
  • Testimonial for Simon Te Tiu

    I had a successful transition to a new career thanks to my consultant Simon with his accurate advice and prompt actions. I really appreciate the services given by Specialized Group.

    Testimonial for Simon Te Tiu,
    Silvia Taddei, Fashion Industry
  • Testimonial for Chris Agomuo

    Specialized Group has been very accommodating in assisting me with my job search. My consultant, Chris, consistently provided me with updates on jobs and always checked in with me before and after interviews. He gave me helpful insights and has been very supportive.

    Testimonial for Chris Agomuo,
    Sasaki Maiko, Finance Associate
  • Testimonial for Daniel Biggs

    I am very satisfied with the services provided, especially with Daniel who spent time understanding my needs and tailoring the job recommendations to my personal preferences and strengths. He also responded quickly to any questions and was very professional in managing the entire process.

    Testimonial for Daniel Biggs,
    Nikita Lee, HR Manager
  • Testimonial for Simon Te Tiu

    My consultant, Simon, created a comfortable atmosphere from the beginning and introduced me to positions that met my requirements. His detailed advice made me relaxed when I had interviews. What is outstanding about Specialized Group compared to other foreign recruiting agencies is that consultants were never obtrusive, and listened so my honest opinions as well as gave me objective advice, which was truly helpful. Thank you very much for your support!


    Testimonial for Simon Te Tiu,
    Mami, Copywriter
  • Testimonial for Christine Remy

    I was a little concerned about how I should apply myself at the beginning as I didn’t have a lot of experience in marketing. My consultant, Christine, offered follow-up sessions before and after interviews and always gave me clear answers to my concerns and questions. 


    Testimonial for Christine Remy,
    M.A., Sales and Merchandising Delegate
  • Testimonial for Chris Agomuo

    The Recruitment Agents are really helpful, they went the extra mile to find a job that fits my requirements. Chris is friendly and very approachable.


    Testimonial for Chris Agomuo,
    Yeung Ching Sum, Accounting Associate
  • Testimonial for Daniel Biggs

    A lot of attractive positions were available through Specialized Group. My consultant, Daniel Biggs, was very attentive.


    Testimonial for Daniel Biggs,
    Kaori Horita, Administrative Coordinator
  • Testimonial for Christine Remy

    I am so thankful that Christine was the one who helped me. She took the time to get to know me and what I was looking for, and she also knew the hiring companies well and what they wanted. With her professional expertise, she prepared me well for my interviews which made me feel more confident. Her confidence in me also made me feel that she genuinely cared and wanted the best for me. I believe that Christine is very helpful, and I would recommend her for finding appropriate jobs for each candidate. 

    Testimonial for Christine Remy,
    T. H., Cosmetics Specialist
  • Testimonial for Joseph Oller

    Joseph Oller and his team introduced me to jobs that matched my skills very well. And I found a job. They are very professional and supportive.

    Testimonial for Joseph Oller,
    Kanae Tsukamoto Mintz
  • Testimonial for Joseph Oller

    I am very satisfied with the service. Joe delivered professional advice and responded sincerely throughout the process.

    Testimonial for Joseph Oller,
    Mariko Sezaki
  • Testimonial for Tu Pham

    Great people and excellent service! Thanks to the help of Tu Pham, who is a hardworking and professional consultant. I got a better offer than I had expected. Thank you!

    Testimonial for Tu Pham,
    Keyun Shang
  • Testimonial for Joseph Oller

    Joe Oller, of Specialized Group, supported me through my first job change. He totally understood my situation and the company's needs and took the best approach for success. In just one month, the match between myself and the employer was complete! Great job Joe, many thanks!

    Testimonial for Joseph Oller,
    Akira Chen
  • Testimonial for Brandon MacVicar

    Brandon has shown great professionalism and went above and beyond to assist in the process. Highly recommended and very informative experience, especially from the perspective of an ex-pat not speaking Japanese yet.

    Testimonial for Brandon MacVicar,
    Magdalena Puchała
  • Testimonial for Daniel Biggs

    Daniel Biggs was very responsive throughout the entire process. He had thoughtful advice and suggestions because he gave my specific situation a lot of thought.

    Testimonial for Daniel Biggs,
    Jason Tomalavage
  • Testimonial for Kafung Chan

    I was worried that it would not be easy because I had changed jobs frequently. The response was quick and the selection proceeded smoothly. The depth of communication was just right.





    Testimonial for Kafung Chan,
    Associate, Mr. Sekiguchi
  • Testimonial for Kafung Chan

    When I met Kafung for the first time he gave priority to hearing my thoughts and understanding my hopes for developing my career. I was very pleased to be encouraged by him, this gave me confidence in my attitude towards the challenge.

    I heard about the job opportunity from Kafung, but in my career there were some items that did not meet my requirements, so I was hesitant to apply. However, it was very helpful that he advised me to apply as there was a match between my wishes, the career prospects, and the requirements of the company.

    Many thanks to Kafung.

    Testimonial for Kafung Chan,
    Real Estate Leasing, Mr. T. Tomikawa
  • Testimonial for Lydia Sun

    Specialized Group is professional, helpful, and productive. Before you start to throw yourself into the job market, it is better to hold a clear image of what your perfect employer is. Then when the opportunity comes, jump up and seize it.

    Testimonial for Lydia Sun,
    Mr. Yufei Sun, C++ developer
  • Testimonial for Lydia Sun

    Choosing a professional consultant is a key factor for successful job change. Specialized Group was very good. Lydia-san is a professional consultant.

    Testimonial for Lydia Sun,
    Qu Gong, System Analyst
  • Testimonial for Lydia Sun

    Overall, I think Specialized Group and Lydia are good. I think the recommended companies and positions suited my wishes.

    Testimonial for Lydia Sun,
    Mr. Zhuang Chaohao, Quality Assurance
  • Testimonial for Lydia Sun

    Specialized Group is very good. Lydia introduced me to the companies I was really looking for. Other recruiters just sent me information that I was not interested in.

    Testimonial for Lydia Sun,
    Ms. Lily Tan, Mobile Developer
  • Testimonial for Lydia Sun

    Specialized Group is terrific. Lydia-san answered all of my questions in a timely manner and gave me lots of good advice. Especially when I had to prepare for interviews and create a PowerPoint file.

    Testimonial for Lydia Sun,
    Mr. Genta Mizuki, Senior Sales
  • Testimonial for Kilian O'Sullivan

    Thank you very much. I was very grateful for the detailed explanation of my role, and in the negotiations for my annual income.

    Testimonial for Kilian O'Sullivan,
    Shiori Tachibana
  • Testimonial for Jordin Scheen

    Jordin was very supportive. Specialized Group took the time to listen to my requests and questions about a new job. I’m very satisfied with Jordin and Specialized Group.

    Testimonial for Jordin Scheen,
    Ms. Reiko Yamaguchi, Accountant
  • Testimonial for Ian Lau

    Before the interview, Ian gave me face-to-face tips on the key points of an interview and detailed research on the company, so I was able to firmly prepare. I was also able to ask questions about interviews on the spot, which eased my anxiety. I don't think there are any other agencies that can provide this kind of support.

    Testimonial for Ian Lau,
    Ms. Mariko Sakamoto, Digital Sales
  • Testimonial for Ian Lau

    I was very satisfied with Specialized Group. Ian really worked so hard to secure the interview and reschedule the date of the interview. He responded to any questions that I asked quickly. Every time I had the interview there was nothing to worry about. I really appreciated it, he’s such a professional guy.

    Testimonial for Ian Lau,
    Kengo Shirai, Business Operations
  • Testimonial for Daniel Biggs

    Specialized Group’s recruitment consultant follow-up was quick and always polite. If you believe in yourself and work towards your career goals, you will find the perfect place. Please do your best.

    Testimonial for Daniel Biggs,
    Ms. Akiko Iwano, Administrative Assistant
  • Testimonial for Christine Remy

    I am so thankful that Christine was the one who helped me. She took the time to get to know me and what I was looking for, and she also knew the hiring companies well and what they wanted. With her professional expertise, she prepared me well for my interviews which made me feel more confident. Her confidence in me also made me feel that she genuinely cared and wanted the best for me. I believe that Christine is very helpful, and I would recommend her for finding appropriate jobs for each candidate.

    Testimonial for Christine Remy,
    Tiffany Huang, Luxury Cosmetics Specialist
  • Testimonial for Christine Remy

    I am satisfied with Specialized Group and Christine Remy because I found my new position thanks to their dedication and professionalism. I was especially impressed with her skill set, she introduced me to the best-matching position for me, and sold my profile in a very convincing manner.

    Testimonial for Christine Remy,
    Naoya Saito, eCommerce Specialist
  • Testimonial for Alex Curl

    Specialized Group was able to prepare me, coordinate the interview with the client, and provide a place for the Skype interview. After that, I went through the process with confidence.

    Testimonial for Alex Curl,
    Shoko Hagiya, HRBP
  • Marshall Zheng, Architect

    Pauline was very friendly and supportive. She really gave me lots of help!

    Marshall Zheng, Architect,
  • Xinxin S., Accounting Audit Staff

    I used multiple agencies for job hunting purposes. Specialized group is one of the most efficient one. I obtained most of my interview opportunities from Specialized group. The agents are professional, friendly, and persistent. I eventually found an ideal job through this agency. I really appreciated the persistent and professional help from Chris Agomuo. Highly recommended Chris for everyone looking for opportunities in the accounting and financial fields.

    Xinxin S., Accounting Audit Staff,
  • PM Wu, Senior Backend Engineer

    Pauline from Specialized Group reached out to me when I was just starting looking for some opportunities in Japan from Taiwan - it was not so easy to find one due to COVID19, and I am very appreciative that she provides such a great opportunity for me. She is very friendly, easy to talk to, and enthusiastic to help. She provided professional suggestions for not only the interview but also the salary negotiation after I received the offer. It was my pleasure to work with her. Moreover, she listened to my concerns patiently about moving to Japan and supported me a lot. If you are also looking for a job in Japan, I definitely recommend you to talk to Pauline first!

    PM Wu, Senior Backend Engineer ,
  • Yu K., IAS Manager

    I worked with Chris Agomuo and Yiwen Li. They always gave professional advices to me. They made me be well prepared for interviews, they listened carefully what kind of job I wanted, and they helped me make difficult decisions so that I could make up my mind confidently. Thanks to everything they do for me, I was able to land my dream job.

    Yu K., IAS Manager ,
  • Siriporn,P., Clinical Research Associate

    I’ve got a chance working with Kelly, she supported me along my onboarding process. Thanks so much.

    Siriporn,P., Clinical Research Associate,
  • Masakatsu Goto, Enterprise Account Executive

    I am a salesman of a cloud service business, and Grace Wang, who is fluent in Japanese, will gladly introduce job offers to you.  Not only does she introduce jobs, but she also does research on the internal affairs of the recruiting company well. Thanks to Grace, I decided to join the company 3 months after the inquiry. You can find her on LinkedIn. 

    Masakatsu Goto, Enterprise Account Executive,
    Auth0 Japan
  • Yu Hsiang, W., Software Engineer

    It is nice to have a chance to cooperate with Specialized Group K.K. I got many opportunities and learned more about the interview skills and career path in Japan. Special thanks to Pauline Ma. She is kind and patient.

    Yu Hsiang, W., Software Engineer ,
  • Paul, M., Tax Manager

    Chris is very diligent & supportive professional. He goes the extra mile to assist clients. I was very satisfied with the services he provided to me.

    Paul, M., Tax Manager,
  • Nanami, M., payroll Analyst

    I got to know Daniel Biggs via LinkedIn and he responded swiftly at all times. In my case, there is a time difference in my job-hunting activities, but I attained instant support without any problems. I am looking forward to attaining an offer from a company I would like to work at. Thank you very much.

    Nanami, M., payroll Analyst ,
  • Shotaro, K., Sales Development Representative

    A friend told me about Grace from the specialized group. I aimed to get into another industry, but I got an offer at the second company. The support was very nice, and supporters showed understanding about the industries and the enterprises. They spoke fluent Japanese so communication was not a problem. Thanks to Grace, I was able to get into an ideal company. Thank you very much!

    Shotaro, K., Sales Development Representative,
    Auth0 K.K.
  • L. Zheng, Corporate Development Executive

    Andrea was a very helpful recruiter in the interview process with insightful hints for my preparation. She also helps accommodate a lot of personalized requests from my side with the company I was interviewing. She played a key role in my success to win the offer.

    L. Zheng, Corporate Development Executive,
    Collab Asia
  • Kien Le, Senior software engineer

    My assigned recruiter was Tu Minh Pham. He got me the job at a company that satisfies all my criteria: foreigner-friendly, open communication, remote work, startup, good product, good salary. Tu was keeping a constant communication line with me before and after each interview phase to make sure I was doing well. He gave me advices on what to prepare and what to expect. This is my first time I use a recruiter for my job hunting and I am very satisfied with Tu and Specialized Group in general.

    Kien Le, Senior software engineer,
  • E.Yang, Regional Controller

    You can find professional headhunters specialized in each industry. I personally recommend Steve Gobinet who is dedicative and never give up until you find the right job.

    E.Yang, Regional Controller,
  • M. Ito, Accounting Manager

    With great support from my consultant Steven W, I’ve got a new position very quickly. He gave me detailed explanations step by step, considered my expectations and negotiated enthusiastically with companies. Thanks!

    M. Ito, Accounting Manager,
    Taiyo Pharmaceutical
  • J. Zhu. Analyst

    Kafung from Specialized group has given me great support through the whole recruitment process. He is always patient and always responsive. Really appreciate his help.

    J. Zhu. Analyst,
    M3 capital partners
  • Johnathan N. VP

    Specialized did a great job in helping me transition to Japan, especially helped by Kafung Chan. Highly recommended for those in the real estate industry.

    Johnathan N. VP,
    Post Lintel
  • Takuto, S. Associate

    As this was my first time to work for a foreign company, I was worried at first during the selection process and at the time of the offer, due to the differences from Japanese companies.

    Mr. Kafung Chan supported me, and I am very grateful for the appropriate advice and communication with the client, which made the process go smoothly. We also had an irregular situation where the person in charge was changed in the middle of the project, but he handled it very smoothly and we were very satisfied overall.

    Takuto, S. Associate,
  • H. Yamamoto. Director of property manager

    Mr. Kafung introduced me to a good job opportunity, and I was able to change jobs successfully.

    Mr. Kafung is well versed in the industry and the client's situation.

    I am very satisfied with the detailed support.

    H. Yamamoto. Director of property manager,
  • P. Wang. Capital Market Associate

    Kafung helped me landed the best job I can get at that moment. He was very professional in listening to candidates’ needs as well as analyzing their strengths and weaknesses through which he manages to find the most suitable job for candidates.

    P. Wang. Capital Market Associate,
  • Hiroyuki Tatsumi, Director of HR

    Daniel-san is a good headhunter and his performance is so good for me. Also his behavior is so polite and his support and help is so kind.

    I think he is the best employee , and his contribution to Specializes Group KK is always good.

    Thank you for everything Daniel-san.

    It is great knowing you in this Hyatt Seragaki issue.

    This year vacation,  please kindly visit our property.

    Again thank you Daniel-san.

    I believe you will have many happy days ahead.

    Hiroyuki Tatsumi, Director of HR,
    Hyatt Regency Seragaki Island
  • M. Kobayashi. Manager, Data Science

    My experience with Steve Gobinet, a recruiter from Specialized Group, was outstanding. Steve took the time to understand my professional experience and skill sets as well as my aspirations professionally and technically. He is a very friendly, professional, and creative thinker who made me think "out-of-the-box" about job opportunities in business sectors I had not previously considered. Once the interview process started, I appreciated e-mails and calls from Steve that kept me up-to-date on the status of my application and tips on how to look my best to prospective employers. I would be happy to recommend Steve to my friends who are looking for a career change.

    M. Kobayashi. Manager, Data Science,
    NTT Communications
  • H.Sheng, Senior Consultant

    My agent, Steve Gobinet, was very responsive and positive throughout the entire process. He had a lot of helpful advice, and I am delighted to make the correct choice with his support.

    H.Sheng, Senior Consultant,
    Liferay K.K
  • Simone D'Agostino, Manager

    Pauline from Specialized group has given me great support through the whole recruitment process. She is always patient and always responsive. Really appreciate his help.

    Simone D'Agostino, Manager ,
    KPMG Tax
  • Naoko T. Account Manager

    Initially, Chirstophe Melkior contacted me on Linkedin and introduced me to several jobs, but in the end, I was able to change jobs successfully thanks to Grace Wang. I had received offers from other companies as well, but Grace Wang was able to answer my concerns without making me feel rushed, so I think I made a good decision. Thank you very much for your support.

    Naoko T. Account Manager,
  • Lillian Wei, Data Consultant

    I received great help from Mr. Paul Bridenbaugh. He truly understands what kind of job I am looking for and what matches my experience the most. And he is a really nice person who always gave me advice. I appreciate his proficiency and quick response. Thanks a lot.

    Lillian Wei, Data Consultant,
  • Bhavyasree B. Cybersecurity Engineer

    I'm very thankful to Specialized Group K.K. for showing the best opportunities to work with top organizations. Thanks to Yoshika Kudo-san for understanding all my requirements, helped at every level of the interview by giving tips for the interview process, which helped me in passing interviews to get my dream job smoothly.

    Bhavyasree B. Cybersecurity Engineer,
  • Tetsuro Kitamura, ESG Consultant

    Mr. Chris Agomuo reached out to me through LinkedIn and helped me find a new career path that I had never thought of. He was very encouraging and supportive, and I am very much grateful for that.

    Tetsuro Kitamura, ESG Consultant ,
  • Masato, T. Technical Account Manager

    Grace Wang supported me in my career change. She gave me a lot of useful information and advice on what kind of jobs are available, company culture, hiring process, etc. She was very helpful. I think Grace is a very high level professional. Thank you very much!

    Masato, T. Technical Account Manager,
  • Y.S. VP Finance Manager

    This is a recruitment agency strong with foreign-capitalized companies. Steven Wan was in charge of my case, and he looked at my career and introduced me to a position whose job description and desired salary perfectly matched my needs. I had more than 10 interviews with the company, and each time they set up the interviews without any miscommunication. He was also very responsible and reliable, staying up until around 11:00 p.m. to discuss the next step of the process with the company, and after the interview, he promptly listened to the feedback from the company and provided it to me. Thanks to him, I was able to receive a job offer at the first company I interviewed with.

    Y.S. VP Finance Manager,
    Neuberger Berman
  • A. Zhou, Investment associate

    I am delighted to know Kafung Chan, who gave me much support during my job search. Unlike some agents who simply provide info. already known, send resumes, and arrange meetings like robots. Kafung provided previous insight, market dynamics, tried to know me in detail and brought the opportunities to me by strongly recommending me to my dream companies. In addition, Specialized Group seems to have an excellent reputation in the financial industry (I found this when communicating with the companies). This is also a plus for the candidates. I would be happy to recommend Kafung, and Specialized Group to my friends.

    A. Zhou, Investment associate ,
  • Z. Zhao, E-commerce Operation Specialist

    Mr. Freddy Beadon was in charge of me. He was always quick to respond and explained everything that was unclear to me in a way that I could understand. It was very helpful. I received a job offer from the company of my choice, and I am looking forward to working there. Thank you very much.

    Z. Zhao, E-commerce Operation Specialist,
    Charles & Keith
  • K. Ohno, PMO

    I highly recommend my experience with Specialized Group. Especially with Grace Wang. It was my first time changing my job. However, she explained to me well about the process and introduced me to the perfect position! Every time I attended an interview, she gave me valuable tips! Thanks to her advice, I could do my best at the interview.

    K. Ohno, PMO,
  • M.Numajiri, Retail Manager

    The most terrific agent company I've ever had. They work quickly and truly friendly to me, easy to talk about my carrier. Freddy Beadon was my assistant, and I will ask for his assistance again with future opportunities.

    M.Numajiri, Retail Manager,
  • Paul, B. Professional Development Manager

    Had a great experience with Alex Curl, who was very professional, helpful, friendly, and made some great suggestions throughout my time working with him.

    Paul, B. Professional Development Manager,
  • Austin Yang, Technical Manager

    I had landed a technical manager, a permanent position in one of the 4A advertising agencies, a Great Leap Forward from my previous assignment job, with the help from Pauline Ma from Specialized Group. She is a very kind, attentive, and great listener. The group has many good connections with global companies. I highly recommend Pauline and Specialized Group to other candidates who wanna try on new opportunities

    Austin Yang, Technical Manager,
    MRM world
  • Ayako Hayashi, Program Manager, Student Programs

    I was able to land a new job very quickly thanks to Alex's support, and I think he was very good at caring for candidates. He has excellent skills in taking care of candidates' mentality as they usually feel uncertain about job changes. I believe you will do great in your recruiting career.

    Ayako Hayashi, Program Manager, Student Programs,
  • Xiao Xiao, Finance Manager

    The service of Specialized is very professional and efficient.I’m very thankful for Joseph Oller that he gave me a lot of great advice to me and help me to find the new position.

    Xiao Xiao, Finance Manager ,
  • Yoko Yoshimura, Customer Success Manager

    Very professional, and highly responsive; provided timely support & regular follow-up; very reliable

    Yoko Yoshimura, Customer Success Manager ,
  • Rodrigo D., TA specialist

    I am very grateful for all the support from the Specialized team, especially Mr. Motoi Tanaka who helped me during the whole selection process, giving me tips and explaining in detail about the open position. I believe that we will continue to work together in another scope, and it will be a pleasure to continue that connection.

    Rodrigo D., TA specialist,
  • M, Atanasov, Sustainability Consultant

    I tried working unsuccessfully with quite a few agencies until Chris from Specialized Group reached out. I am amazed by the quality of service he provided. He helped me land a dream job at a great company. Thanks you, Chris.

    M, Atanasov, Sustainability Consultant,
  • Kazuki Wang, Consultant

    My consultant, Kelly Yu, is super helpful and supportive during the whole process. She always provides with very detailed information and advice prior to each interview. I would not have be able to make this far without her continuous supports.

    Kazuki Wang, Consultant,
  • M, Ito, Senior QS Specialist

    I’m happy to meet Kelly Yu san, and you change my life. You introduced me lots of nice companies, some of them invited me to the interviews. You tried to understand me and my life by talking to me a lot. Especially, you’re also mom, so you thought my life as mom. I don’t have TOEIC score. But maybe I talked to you in English, and the company knew it. The companies never doubted my English skill. You gave me advice, helped my interviews and negotiation at the right moment. I’ve never worried about my next schedule. I met the best consultant. When my friend need help to find a new job, I’ll recommend you to him/her.

    M, Ito, Senior QS Specialist,
  • H, Shim, M&A Finance Manager

    Steven Wan has been very helpful every step of the way. He was very considerate throughout the whole process. I never felt the need to ask for a follow-up from him, unlike some of the other recruiters who left me feeling desperate and frustrated, because he always kept me updated as soon as he could. His insightful comments during prep calls were very helpful, especially because he gave different tips for every interview almost tailor-made. This gave me the confidence to go into the interview fully prepared and with a smile on my face. I really appreciate his support, and am willing to fully extend my recommendation to my peers!

    H, Shim, M&A Finance Manager,
    Marelli Japan
  • Mami, Y., Inside Sales Specialist

    Thanks to my consultant Kelly Yu, I was able to get the offers that exceeded my expectations despite that I was in a difficult situation. She is very supportive, reliable and prompt because she respects my opinion, encourage me when I wasn't confident.

    Mami, Y., Inside Sales Specialist,
    Twist Bioscience
  • Yutong Wang, Management Trainee

    Chris from Specialized Group helped me tremendously in landing a great job opportunity. During the 5 months of us working together, Chris has been very generous and resourceful about sharing the details of the positions I applied for. He is also supportive and analytical, always followed up after each step promptly, shared his insights and tried to align with my objectives or concerns. I was fortunate to work with Chris at the beginning of my professional career and would recommend him to any job seekers out there.

    Yutong Wang, Management Trainee,
    British American Tobacco
  • Jimmy Tsao, Field Applications Engineer

    Thank consultant Pauline Ma from Specialized Group K.K. for helping me to found the ideal job. I was fortunate to meet and work with Pauline. She not only recommended the opportunity but also followed up the each process through the interview. I would like to recommend her to every job seeker.

    Jimmy Tsao, Field Applications Engineer,
  • Florian U., Safety Physician

    Kelly Yu as my recruiter was fantastic! She always responded almost instantly and gave me great advice. Even though I thought I could never get that kind of position I received incredible support that helped me through the interviews. Thanks to Kelly I finally get to take the next step in my career.

    Florian U., Safety Physician,
    Syneos Health
  • Coco P., JP Operations

    Specialized group is different compared to other recruiting agencies in the market. They focus on building the relationship with the candidates and helping them in a professional and supportive way. Daniel has helped me search for a job during covid, which is a challenging time in the market. He introduced many different companies that fit the type of jobs I was looking for, followed up, guided, and supported me during the whole process. I am very grateful that Daniel had reached out to me when I had a hard time looking for jobs. If you are looking for a job in Japan, I highly recommend using Specialized group.

    Coco P., JP Operations,
  • Haruka Kamide, HR Manager

    Alex Curl from Specialized Group helped me land my dream job. I don't think I would have had the courage to apply for the position if it wasn't for Alex's encouragement. He supported me through every interview process, making sure I had all the information I needed to prepare and giving me pointers as well when needed. He also made sure that I was being updated on the next steps and their feedback throughout the very long interview process and that allowed me to sit back and relax, giving me space to really focus during my interviews. So thank you!

    Haruka Kamide, HR Manager,
  • Alice Yamabe, Consultant

    I had the pleasure of working with Chris Agomuo for my job search. He reached out promptly after I submitted my application to Specialized Group for an advertised position and patiently walked me through the process of interviews and tests. The debriefing sessions following interviews were always helpful to discuss what I could improve. Having Chris’ support throughout this draining process gave me all the tools and confidence I needed to do my best.

    Alice Yamabe, Consultant,
    Ministry of Environment