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Candidate Interview - Chris Agomuo

As part of our commitment to continually improving our services, Finance & Accounting's Chris Agomuo conducted a candidate interview with Suhas Venkateshaiah. Chris recently helped Suhas find and secure a new career opportunity.

1) Please tell us about your career to date?

Previously, I worked at Honda for over 4 years. I have expereince in overseas sales, IoT, business development, and strategy development & planning.

2) What triggered you to change jobs?

I really wanted to move into the financial sector.

3) What were the factors in accepting the opportunity that Specialized Group introduced you to?

I felt that this was the best opportunity for this stage of my career.

4) Did anything make you uneasy to change your job? How did you solve or overcome the uneasiness?

Being able to find the right opening was difficult.

5) What did you think about the services given by Specialized Group?

I have to say, the service I recieved from Specialized Group was exceptional.

6) Do you have a message for those changing jobs? 

From my expereince, the most important advice I can offer is to keep an open mind about the available opportunities.

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