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Remote Work: Motivation and Software Tips

20 Apr 11:00 by Yuan Li

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The first few months of 2020 has seen the world in which we live become totally transformed. From personal interactions to societal and working frameworks, Coronoavirus has managed to put the spanner in the works, so to speak. Companies all over the globe have been required to adapt and the necessity of remote work (or 'telework' as the Japanese label it) has become very much apparent.  


How to get the best from remote workers 

Some of the challenges for remote workers have been well documented on social media platforms with employees complaining of lack of communication with colleagues, loneliness and maintaining motivation.  



State of Remote Report 2020 


Some guidance for managing and igniting motivation in remote workers include talking to each employee on your team in a one-to-one setting and making enough time for small talk. Some empathy and sympathy might go a long way. Setting regular time to talk to the team as a whole encourages teamwork and a chance to catch up with each other and check for any problems or news. Setting monthly or quarterly goals also is a proven method of getting the best from your employees and team members. Establishing aims or goals to achieve is a positive method of creating motivation..


Making the correct software choice 

There was a time, not so long ago, when Skype was essentially your only real option for video conferencing and communication. Things have changed dramatically, however, with the introduction of Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Hangouts and so on. All these software choices come with pros and cons and with the recent addition of a world, ostensibly, using these platforms every day for hours on end in order to do business, the quality of such services may vary. Here is our guide to each platform. 



Checklist for video conferencing 

Although the quality and multifaceted components involved in video conferencing have improved over recent years they don't come totally devoid of problems. And if you plan to join in a meeting then there are a few points to consider to make the experience as smooth as possible. To begin, always check that your camera, microphone, pc and internet connection are set up and ready to begin roughly 10 minutes or so before your call or meeting. And in order to join a meeting successfully (and to avoid potential embarrassment or all-round frustration) look at our handy checklist for video conferencing meetings below: 



As the current situation progresses and changes so should the attitudes and behavior of companies all over the globe. This will be the year that the world is compelled into a new method of working and creating a harmonious and motivated remote workforce could make a critical difference. Maintaining motivation, choosing the correct software and having sufficient plans for meetups and regular contact will almost certainly keep you ahead of the curve.  





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