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Candidate Interview - Christine Remy

As part of our commitment to continually improving our services, Specialized Group's Christine Remy conducted a candidate interview. Christine recently helped her candidate find a new position in sales & merchandising with a leading European fashion company.

1) Please tell us about your career to date?

I started my career as a trainer, before moving into sales, then into marketing roles.

2) What triggered you to change jobs?

I wanted to develop my career as a marketer.

3) What were the factors in accepting the opportunity that Specialized Group introduced you to?

I liked the position offered and the team I would be working with.

4) Did anything make you uneasy to change your job? How did you solve or overcome the uneasiness?

I was a little concerned about how I should apply myself at the beginning as I didn’t have a lot of experience in marketing. My consultant, Christine, offered follow-up sessions before and after interviews and always gave me clear answers to my concerns and questions. 

5) What did you think about the services given by Specialized Group?

It was good to work with one dedicated consultant which is a different experience than when working with other recruitment companies.

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