Yoshika Kudo


Senior Consultant


Yoshika started her career as a consultant, previously in the field of relocation and real estate. 

Nurtured in the field of career relocation is the ability to understand others and international issues, as well as the passion to strive for the best for others. 

She was born in Nagasaki and raised in Chiba. She has studied in America, Canada, China. She has also lived in the Oahu island of Hawaii. She likes the sea, warm weather, and the sun. She enjoys outdoor activity. Besides, she is also into hot spring, music, cooking, and especially she loves creating something. 

She is now working on the FinTech team, which is the hottest field with rapid growth in recent years, definitely will have further acceleration in the future. 

Please do not hesitate to contact Yoshika for anything about the FinTech market and about recruitment.


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