Pauline Ma



Software Engineering, AI & Data Science

Pauline is a member of the Software Engineering, Data Science and AI team at Specialized group. She aims to find the finest engineering talent on the market and match them with suitable opportunities in the emerging technology sector. Pauline actively seeks out skilled, bilingual candidates and supports them through each step of their career journey. 

Originally from Taiwan, Pauline has been living in Japan since 2015. She has experience working in both international sales and the real estate sectors, where she gained an in-depth understanding of Japanese business culture and etiquette. 

She Majored in Japanese at Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages and has excellent communication skills in Japanese, English, and Mandarin. She is tri-lingual which gives her the flexibility to offer her recruitment skills in three languages. 

In her spare time, Pauline is often found in the kitchen and loves cooking dishes that remind her of home. Recently she discovered a new winter hobby, snowboarding! 

To speak to Pauline about the software engineering, data science and AI market or for assistance with a new opportunity, contact her today.

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The current innovators in the Tokyo tech space are companies that vary in size, industry, and specialization. One factor that links all of these companies is the need to find and hire the best talent for the opportunities they offer. The market is extremely competitive. If you are a software engineering professional with bi-lingual language skills, we can assist you in securing a new role.  

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