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Joseph Oller

Joseph Oller


Hotels & Hospitality

With more than 8 years of experience in recruitment and 6 years in team management, Joe leads Specialized Group's Hotels and Hospitality recruitment team.

Joe joined Specialized Group in 2015. During his time with us, Joe has been successful in building & leading multiple teams across various industries and functions.

Joe's expertise extends to supporting the full life cycle of a hotel, from development through to operations. He understands the business from the perspective of owners, developers, and operators, offering fully customizable solutions to meet the client's unique needs.

He also has extensive experience in retained searches - both for single executive-level roles, and multi-position retainers for building teams from the ground up.

Joe graduated with a master’s degree in chemistry from University College London and completed a year-long study-abroad program at The University of Toronto. In his free time, he enjoys exploring Japan while cycling, and he is heavily involved in charity & not-for-profit work.

For assistance with a search or to speak to Joe about roles in the Hotels and Hospitality sector, contact him today.

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  • Client Testimonial for Joseph Oller

    Client Testimonial for Joseph Oller

    Heineken Japan K.K.

    ​I would describe Specialized and Joe as authentic and genuine. This has flowed through the recruitment process and helped in landing candidates with the right fit for the role, and importantly the company and our working style.

  • Testimonial for Joseph Oller

    Testimonial for Joseph Oller

    Ms. Jingjing Fan, Medical Device Company

    I really appreciated Joe Oller’s help with interview preparation and salary negotiation. Specialized Group is the best agent I have worked with.

  • Testimonial for Joseph Oller

    Testimonial for Joseph Oller

    Mr. Masaki Asano, Senior Operations Manager

    I was very impressed with the professional service provided Joe Oller and Specialized Group.

  • Testimonial for Joseph Oller

    Testimonial for Joseph Oller

    Akira Chen

    Joe Oller, of Specialized Group, supported me through my first job change. He totally understood my situation and the company's needs and took the best approach for success. In just one month, the match between myself and the employer was complete! Great job Joe, many thanks!

  • Mr. J. Kaushik, Director of Project Management

    Mr. J. Kaushik, Director of Project Management

    SBI Antworks

    It has been a thoroughly professional experience working with Specialized Group. Their detailed understanding of the requirements empowered them to provide candidates with a fantastic fit. Their quick response to any changes in the requirements or schedules is outstanding.

  • Client Testimonial for Joseph Oller

    Client Testimonial for Joseph Oller

    Tomoko Tajima, Human Resources, Imerys Graphite & Carbon Japan

    This project was a difficult one due to various reasons. I was introduced to a very good person, but there was a delay in getting the offer finalized. During that time, Joseph Oller frequently contacted the candidate and updated him on the situation, so the candidate could understand the delay. I think I will be working with Specialized Group again soon. It was a really nice experience.

  • Paul Chen-Monetization Strategy

    Paul Chen-Monetization Strategy


    The role we are looking to hire is a difficult one, it requires both superior analytical skills and strong business partnering experiences. Joe has been amazing in connecting us with many strong candidates in the market, which we struggled to find on our own. In the end, we successfully closed the case much faster that we thought, all thanks to Joe's strong network and quick grasp on what talent our business needs. I can't thank him enough!

  • Xiao Xiao, Finance Manager

    Xiao Xiao, Finance Manager


    The service of Specialized is very professional and efficient.I’m very thankful for Joseph Oller that he gave me a lot of great advice to me and help me to find the new position.

  • Testimonial for Joseph Oller

    Testimonial for Joseph Oller

    Mariko Sezaki

    I am very satisfied with the service. Joe delivered professional advice and responded sincerely throughout the process.