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DX advisory in the areas of governance, risk and compliance

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Location: Japan
Salary: Negotiable
Job Type: Permanent
Specialization: Consulting & Professional Services
Reference: BBBH42209_1673844280
No consultant assigned to this job.

[Business content]

  • The importance of governance, risk, and compliance in companies is increasing. more opportunities to support these functions through evaluation/analysis, outsourcing, advisory, etc.

In particular, in the area of ​​DX (transformation of business operations through data utilization), which many companies are working on these days, there are increasing requests for various support not only for frontline departments but also for management departments.

  • In order to meet the needs of companies such as these, we are looking for people with practical experience as managers and leaders in planning and promoting DX measures in the management departments and on-site departments of companies. Alternatively, we are looking for people who have experience as a project manager/leader in the following projects at a consulting firm or an audit firm.

[Image of project support]

  • Support for planning and promotion of risk reduction measures using DX (survey of operations and risks, examination and introduction of proposals for sophistication and improvement of operations and controls using DX, etc.)
  • Support for planning and promoting advanced measures such as assessment and monitoring using DX implemented by the client's management department (compliance department, risk management department, internal audit department, finance/accounting department, etc.) (using various DX tools (e.g., risk assessment, monitoring, efficiency improvement/sophistication of audits and inspections, and introduction of proposals)
  • Targeting the DX area (DX management/promotion system, various DX measures, etc.) implemented by the client's internal audit department

[Image of career path after joining]

  • DX is positioned as one of the most important services for our company and as a whole, further service expansion is expected in the future. In particular, we are working on further service development and trial implementation for DX services in the areas of governance, risk, and compliance. In addition, the client to whom the service is provided is still apprehensive about promoting DX, and it is common for a project style in which the client and our company work together to create the optimal solution while repeating trial and error.

[Welcome requirements]

  • People with practical experience (data analysis, etc.) using DX tools such as BI tools, ETL tools, and RPA
  • Experience with BI tools, ETL tools, RPA, etc. Practical experience in companies, consulting firms, audit firms, etc. regarding utilization of DX tools, introduction of GRC tools and internal audit tools
  • Strong communication skill in both Japanese and English

This is an exciting opportunity to join a dynamic and innovative team, where you can expect significant growth in terms of your skills and experience. If you meet the qualifications and are excited about this opportunity, please apply today.

If this position is not ideal for you, but you are looking for a new opportunity,please contact us to discuss your options.

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