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Advisory for Insurance Companies

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Location: Japan
Salary: Negotiable
Job Type: Permanent
Specialization: Consulting & Professional Services
Reference: BBBH42239_1668997755
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[Team introduction]
Insurance Advisory Group (IAG) provides a wide range of advisory services to insurance companies as our main clients
. IAG's business areas are expanding due to changes, an increase in cross-border projects for insurance companies, and responses to sustainability-related regulations.

Recently, support for compliance with various accounting standards such as international accounting standards, support for enhancement of internal control In addition, we have had the opportunity to provide services such as support for the establishment of insurance companies and support for considering initiatives in the sustainability field (e.g. materiality assessment, human rights due diligence, ESG investment).

In order to respond to the diversifying agenda of insurance companies, we need to recruit not only accountants but also diverse staff with non-accounting skills such as experience in insurance business practice and project management experience. On the other hand, in order to respond to IAG 's expanding business domain, we believe that it is urgent to recruit members with experience in various fields.

The difference between audit firm advisory services and general consulting companies is that we can provide advisory services based on a deep understanding of business processes that can be obtained through audit services for various companies in the same industry. Audit firms are subject to strict control over the content of their work and the quality control of the services they provide under the Certified Public Accountant Act, etc.

Experiencing a high-quality service provision process based on this method, rather than one's own style, is a valuable experience as a consultant. There is an aspect that nourishes integrity and flexibility.

[Possibility of insurance advisory]
Insurance companies make a living by converting the risks inherent in social life into money and underwriting them. Currently, as the risks faced by companies and individuals change, such as globalization, automation in various fields, and people's longevity, the insurance industry is actively moving to take business risks. It can be said that it is in the growth stage. We provide services to the insurance industry within the framework of IAG, and we feel that our knowledge and experience can be utilized across industries. If you want to gain experience in a growing field that is undergoing change, or if you feel that you want to acquire knowledge in a specific field and gain strengths, please consider applying.

[Business content]
The following is an example of business content.

■ M&A and management integration support
When implementing M&A and management integration, we participate as an integration secretariat and working group member, and provide project management and problem solving support in specific areas.
In recent years, there have been an increasing number of large overseas acquisitions by domestic insurers, and IAG has been supporting and involved in some way with these deals.

■ Support for the establishment of systems in line with the introduction of IFRS In preparation for the introduction
of IFRS 17 (International Accounting Standard for Insurance Contracts) from 2022, insurance companies are required to develop systems in various fields. We not only provide advice on accounting standards, but also provide comprehensive services such as support for building internal controls associated with introduction, formulation of roadmaps for building systems, and support for creating requirement definitions.
Project management that organically bundles these is an important position.

Support for building a global compliance system Due to the globalization of
companies , the acquisition of overseas companies as subsidiaries through M&A, etc., and the application of disposal regulations globally due to the strengthening of local regulations in each country, companies expanding globally only comply with Japanese laws and regulations.

There is an urgent need to build a group-wide compliance system that does not conflict with foreign laws and regulations.

We analyze and consider the client company's business through surveys (including surveys by visiting overseas sites),
and provide comprehensive services such as presenting the ideal form of compliance system support, analyzing gaps with the current situation, and presenting improvement plans.

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Expired job

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