勤務地: Tokyo
給与: 3-4m
職種: 契約
専門: 人事
参照: 00000Ae-(RK)

The Administrator supports the team by ensuring that we deliver on all of our vision of being the Recruiter of Choice for our Consultants, Clients, and Candidates. By being organized and professional, you will help us track, file, remember and deliver on the promises we have made.  You will be instrumental in ensuring the business runs smoothly and each of us can conduct ourselves professionally in our Clients’ and Candidates’ eyes. 

This information outlines the skills, key performance indicators, and outputs that will help you succeed in the position.

Required Skills

  • Proven time management and organization skills
  • Ability to prioritize.
  • Diligence and precision in completing tasks. 
  • Clear written and verbal communication skills in English and Japanese.
  • Strong teamwork with the ability to work with a range of different counterparts
  • Ability to deal with conflict and disagreements
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Strong sense of responsibility and determination to complete tasks within the agreed time frame
  • An ability to understand, follow and improve processes to ensure tasks are completed with maximum benefit for those involved.



The administrator is required to manage:

  1. The company filing system, index, and retention policy.
  2. Stationary/office supplies/water server and coffee machine maintenance
  3. Contracts and lease-related documents
  4. Facility management with furniture/lights utilities/kitchen hygiene
  5. The post
  6. Reception and incoming calls 
  7. Invoices out
  8. Insurance quotes and renewals
  9. Expenses process 
  10. Vendors
  11. Preparation of training and onboarding material
  12. Maintenance of the employee database
  13. Our reward system
  14. Petty Cash
  15. Legal filing and documentation with city officials and other parties.
  16. Assist company events such as Hanami, a day trip, end of the month meetings/quarterly meetings 
  17. Interview arrangement for prospective employees
  18. Help with translation and simple interpretation


Team Work

  • Be pro-active in seeking clarification or detailed task instructions if necessary
  • Constantly identify and prioritize work that can add value to the team/company
  • Ensure your general behavior consistently contributes to the company’s culture and values
  • Constantly analyze your workflows to identify process improvement opportunities
  • Keep an open mind and ensure that your behavior contributes positively to those around you.


Probation Graduation & Ongoing Performance Standards

The initial probation period is three months, and the end of probation appraisal will be based on the above KPIs defined in “Core Duties and Required Tasks”

Expired Job

Sorry, this job is no longer available