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Market Researcher (Fashion)


勤務地: 日本
給与: Negotiable
職種: 正社員
専門: リテール・ファッション・ラグジュアリー
参照: BBBH48422_1715571113

Fashion Trend Hunter

As a Fashion Trend Hunter, your role is to uncover and interpret emerging fashion trends. With a background in market research, you'll scour various sources to identify trends, analyze their impact, and forecast future directions. Collaborating with teams, you'll apply these insights to shape product development, marketing, and brand strategy.


1. Market Research: Use your expertise to find new fashion trends from various channels like events and social media.

2. Trend Analysis: Assess trends' market potential and cultural impact, drawing insights from consumer behavior.

3. Consumer Understanding: Deepen understanding of consumer motivations through data analysis.

4. Collaboration: Work with design, marketing, and merchandising teams to integrate trend insights.

5. Communication: Present trend findings to stakeholders clearly and compellingly.

6. Networking: Build relationships with industry experts to stay informed about trends.

7. Forecasting: Anticipate future trends to guide strategic planning.


1. Bachelor's degree in Market Research, Marketing, or related field.

2. Experience in market research or trend analysis within fashion.

3. Strong analytical skills and creativity.

4. Excellent communication and collaboration abilities.

5. Proficiency in relevant software for data analysis and forecasting.

Preferred Qualifications:

1. Previous experience in fashion market research.

2. Familiarity with global fashion markets.

3. Established network within the fashion industry.

4. Published work or presentations on fashion trend analysis.