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Customer Service Senior Specialist


勤務地: 日本
給与: Negotiable
職種: 正社員
専門: 消費財・コンシューマー・化粧品
参照: BBBH43431_1678695204

As a senior customer service specialist, you will be responsible to deal with VIP customers' requests and complaints.

  • Collecting information related to products, businesses, and campaigns, and providing useful information to customers to contribute to speedy resolution of customers' problems.
  • By collecting information, improve the quality of response (customer satisfaction) in each channel.
  • Responsible for dealing with customers regarding serious incidents (defects, complaints, etc.) and effectively solving them through internal cooperation.
  • Responsible for inquiries and complaints that have not been resolved in the first instance through telephone and other channels, solves problems, and contributes to the improvement of the first resolution rate by providing new information and re-disseminate information.
  • Provide the required affiliation report
  • Customer support and internal collaboration for problem solving of highly difficult incidents
  • Responding to customers to solve problems related to product-related accidents (both personal and property), and cooperation with related parties inside and outside the company.
  • Building relationships with internal and external stakeholders for effective problem solving
  • Proposal and implementation of improvement including changes to work procedure manual

Requried knowledge & skills

  • Have extensive experiences and knowledge in customer serivce industry in solving complex problems with relevant product knowledge.
  • Able to communicate well with relevant departments and solve the problems with consistency.
  • Have Shohisha Seikatsu Advior license.
  • Aiblity to analyze and proactively deal with the issues.
  • Data driven
  • Time management skills
  • Native Japanese and business level English


  • 製品、ビジネス、キャンペーンに関連する情報を収集し、有益な情報として顧客へ提供することによって、迅速な顧客の問題解決に貢献する
  • 製品、ビジネス、キャンペーンに関連する情報を収集し、社内顧客へ効果的に提供することで、各チャネルにおける対応品質(顧客満足度)向上に貢献する
  • 顧客対応における重大インシデント(不良、苦情など)についての顧客対応に責任を持ち、社内連携のうえ効果的に解決する
  • 電話ほかチャネルにおいて、一次解決されない問い合わせ、苦情案件に責任を持ち、問題解決をするとともに、情報の新規提供、再周知を行うことによって一次解決率向上へ貢献する
  • 必要な提携レポートを提供する
  • 顧客からの問い合わせ、苦情対応(電話、メール、チャットなどの問い合わせチャネル全般)
  • 難易度の高いインシデントの問題解決に向けた顧客対応、社内連携
  • 製品に起因する事故(対人、対物)等に対する問題解決に向けた顧客対応、社内外の関係各位との連携(IT部門、アカウントマネージャー、研究開発部門、銀行、信販会社等)
  • 効果的な問題解決のための社内外関係者との関係構築
  • 業務の手順マニュアル作成変更を含む改善提案と実行

Expired Job

Sorry, this job is no longer available