Paul Bridenbaugh




Originally from Arizona in the United States, Paul joined Specialized Group to focus on the Healthcare market. He majored in Business Development with a focus on Marketing Management while attending college on a baseball scholarship.

Before coming to Tokyo, Paul spent 6 years with CooperVision as a medical device sales representative in Oklahoma in the United States. This background provided him with the knowledge and experience necessary to specialize in the Healthcare industry.

Paul is an avid sports fan and played baseball professionally for one year in the United States.

To speak to Paul about the Healthcare market or for assistance with a new opportunity, contact him today.

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  • Testimonial for Paul Bridenbaugh

    Testimonial for Paul Bridenbaugh

    Kazunobu Omura, RAQA Manager

    At first, I was concerned whether both I and the company could understand each other only through interviews, but they responded to me in a cordial manner which enabled me to gain a deeper understanding. Paul kept delivering fresh information, and I got my offer sooner than I thought.