Jordin Scheen


Associate Consultant

Finance & Accounting Consumer Goods

Jordin joined the Finance & Accounting Consumer Goods team at Specialized Group to help candidates bridge the gap in finding Finance & Accounting roles within consumer and luxury goods-focused companies. 
At Specialized Group, Jordin is a highly motivated, people-oriented, recruitment consultant. Jordin’s background in Japanese has provided him with the knowledge necessary to specialize in consulting in Japan.
Originally from Columbus, Ohio in the United States, Jordin attended Ohio State University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Japanese Language and Literature.
Jordin is a big fan of vintage cameras. In his spare time, he enjoys film photography and visiting galleries as well as making hand-brewed coffee.
To speak to Jordin about the Finance & Accounting market or for assistance with a new opportunity, contact him today.

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  • Testimonial for Jordin Scheen

    Testimonial for Jordin Scheen

    Ms. Reiko Yamaguchi, Accountant

    Jordin was very supportive. Specialized Group took the time to listen to my requests and questions about a new job. I’m very satisfied with Jordin and Specialized Group.