Damien Arthur


Team Leader

Legal & Compliance

Damien is the team leader of our legal and compliance division. He manages a team of legally qualified consultants and he introduces legal and compliance professionals to corporations, law firms, and financial institutions. He is often invited to work difficult-to-fill positions on a retained search basis and he has been recruiting in Tokyo for more than 10 years.

Damien received his LLB, LPC, Diploma of law and from the University of Law (London, UK).  He was invited to build the legal recruitment practice for a global recruitment firm before joining Specialized Group, and he is in a strong position to provide market insights to new companies entering Japan as well as search and identify the right legal professionals for foreign companies operating in Japan and north-east Asia.

In addition to his legal education, Damien holds a master’s degree in psychology, a master’s degree in education and a bachelor’s degree in theology. He is actively involved in his Church community where he runs an education program for children and adults and in his free time he enjoys yoga, hiking, martial arts and riding his motorcycle.

To speak to Damien about the legal and compliance sector or for assistance with a new opportunity, contact him today.

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An increase in global and local M&As, as well as improvements to corporate governance, means, an increased demand for lawyers and compliance professionals. Compliance is needed as laws and regulations change, as these changes require companies to have accurate and diligent corporate legal departments to mitigate business and governance risks, to improve transparency, and to encourage institutional investment. Changes to asset managers’ investments – including diverse Alternative Investment Markets coming to Japan – means due diligence in management. Companies need a robust legal team and the use of external law firms for inorganic growth and expansion.

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  • Top Team Award

    Top Team Award

    Legal & Compliance Team

    Legal & Compliance, congratulations on providing a fine example of working together. Our Legal & Compliance team won the top team award for the third quarter of 2019. This award is decided on team productivity results. In another competitive quarter, the Legal & Compliance team produced an excellent team performance to hit the top of the leaderboard.

  • Testimonial for Damien Arthur

    Testimonial for Damien Arthur

    Ms. Mariko Tsujita, Paralegal Manager

    My consultant, Mr. Damien Arthur, took his time to meet me before referring a job opportunity. There were continuous effort and assistance on his part. He gave me very helpful advice and tips.

  • Testimonial for Damien Arthur

    Testimonial for Damien Arthur

    Ms. Sayo Takizawa, VP Legal & Compliance

    My consultant Damien, was amazing throughout the process. He was always responsive, gave detailed and on-point advice, and followed up after every interview. He was also very honest and let me know what the potential employer really thought about me versus other candidates.