Christine Remy


Senior Consultant

Sales & Marketing

Christine joined Specialized Group's Sales & Marketing Team in 2018; she principally focuses on marketing roles for international cosmetic and luxury brands in Japan.

Christine has an MBA from Waseda University’s Graduate School of Business and Finance (Waseda Business School) where she was the Valedictorian of the Class of September 2018.  While at Waseda, Christine studied Japanese and Global/Multi-National corporations and further focused on Japanese marketing trends and organizational leadership. Christine leverages her MBA, as well as her sales background, to grow her knowledge of the key players and unique opportunities within the cosmetics and luxury industries. 

Christine is from Miami, Florida (USA); most recently, she worked as a Director of Sales for a luxury health club in Tampa, FL. Formerly a competitive sailor, she enjoys staying active and spending time with her family.

To speak to Christine about the employment market or for assistance with a search, contact her today.

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Many brands in the luxury and cosmetics industries in Japan are seeing increased demand for strong candidates across all levels of experience, and within various areas of expertise. Competition is especially intense in the Digital Marketing, eCommerce and CRM spaces – areas I focus on and specialize in. I am committed to helping companies attract top talents who are diverse, globally-minded, with unique perspectives and an entrepreneurial attitude.

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