The Recruitment Process

Changing jobs is a major decision for anyone. There's usually an element of risk, and that can be a source of anxiety and stress. By using a recruitment consultancy you trust, you can minimize the risk of making the wrong decision through access to better market information and independent advice.

After contacting us to register your interest in using our services, the overall recruitment process will proceed as follows:

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  • 1 Starting the Process
    • Meeting you in person is the crucial first step in the process. To arrange a meeting you can get in touch with us either through this site, or by giving us a call. Just let us know when and where is convenient for you.

      For more advice on getting started please take a look at our Resume Tips

  • 2 Meeting Our Consultant
    • This is the start of a dialogue between you and the consultant that will clarify exactly what you are looking for, your immediate priorities and longer-term career goals, as well as a timeframe for the whole process. We'll start to put together a plan of how best we can help you achieve your goals, and provide an overview of current market conditions and opportunities that might be of interest.

  • 3 Finding potential opportunities
    • As well as introducing you to suitable positions that we already know about, we can also talk directly to individual managers of specific companies to see if your particular skills and experience may be of interest. As new positions become available, we'll keep you up to date with the latest market information.

  • 4 Contacting companies
    • If you think something looks worth pursuing, we'll contact the company to arrange an interview. At the same time, we'll advise you on writing a resume and coordinating interview schedules, and conduct a preparatory interview.

  • 5 Interviewing
    • As much as interviews let a company find out more about you, they are also your chance to find out about a potential new workplace and its people. But in the limited time available they can raise as many questions as they answer, and this is where using a consultant as an intermediary can really come into its own.

      After each interview we'll discuss progress we'll give you feedback on how the interview went from the company's perspective, but perhaps more importantly, you'll be able to talk over your impressions of the company, clarify any points you're unsure about and raise concerns you may have. This is also the time to discuss how the job fits into the larger picture of your career goals.

      As the interview process moves forward, both sides will gain a better understanding of each other. Our job is to make sure that you and the hiring manager have similar and realistic expectations about what your role in the company will be, and that you have all the information you need to make a confident decision.

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  • 6 Your Decision
    • Having discussed each role with you throughout the interview process, we'll both have a good idea of which opportunities best serve your priorities. Based on a complete picture of the roles on offer, we can then agree on the positions you want to pursue through to negotiation and on the conditions you expect. We'll then do everything we can to secure the offers you want.

  • 7 Contract Negotiation
    • Once you've made your decision, we can either negotiate with the company on your behalf, or provide advice and support to help you reach an agreement.

  • 8 Completion and Beyond
    • We like to maintain long-term ties with candidates who have moved on to new roles through our services. Many former candidates, who in their new positions are on the hiring side of the recruitment process, have become clients, trusting us to help them with their own recruitment needs.