The Contracting Process

With an increasingly changeable job market, many candidates look at contract positions as a flexible way of increasing their expertise,industry knowledge and technical skills. The Specialized Group builds on our experience to provide you with innovative career paths in this field. Our offerings:

Contract Placements

Working a contract role for the Specialized Group means finding the right position for you with one of our Client companies. From there we will sign a Contract between You, the Specialized Group and your future employer.

For you this means working on site at the company who will take on the responsibility for managing your day to day performance. The Specialized Group look after your salary payments, social insurance and other benefits

Temp to Permanent

A Temp-to-Perm agreement follows the same initial contractual arrangement as above where you will be an employee of the Specialized Group and work on site at our client.

However, with this agreement, you have a set term for the contract ? usually 6 months ? which is set at the start of the process.

Upon completion of the contract term, the company will then evaluate performance and decide on whether to hire you on a permanent basis. For permanent employment you will have a direct contract with the company as a standard employee.

After contacting us to register your interest in using our services, the overall Contracting process will proceed as follows:

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  • 1 Registration
    • The first step in working with the Specialized Group is to register on-line or contact us directly to arrange your first meeting with our consultants.

      Before a meeting take a look at the Job Descriptions posted on this site and check whether there are roles that fit your knowledge, skills and experience. If there is nothing that fits right away, come and meet with us and we can discuss other potential opportunities.

  • 2 Office Meeting
    • You will spend time with a consultant from the Specialized Group during an initial meeting. You will talk through your background and experiences, especially relating to your achievements. Also you will share your expectations and how we can match these to the needs of companies we partner with. During this discussion, we aim to guide you through career development consultation so that we can add value to you and your resume.

  • 3 Profiling
    • In a competitive market, you are only as good as the information which represents you in the market.In finding you a role that fits your requirements, we work together to come up with a Profile for you that you for greatest impact; rather than using a simple resume.

      Many of our Partner companies seek individuals who can provide broad solutions so, providing them with a full explanation of your skills often offers the key to securing you a new job.

  • 4 Client Introduction
    • Once we have confirmed your interest we will arrange a client Introduction. In this initial meeting with you learn more about them and the role they have to offer.

      This is your chance to ask questions and find out whether the job is right for you!.

      Take a look at our interview preparation guide for some tips.

  • 5 Client Interaction
    • Throughout the discussions with a potential client company, the Specialized Group will lead you through all interaction. Whether this is preparation, feedback or negotiating terms, we will make sure that the process is quick and easy for you.

  • 6 Job Start
    • After completing the process, negotiation and contract agreement, you can start your new role. On your first day we will meet you and take you to your new employer, and from then on you can give it your all, in the new job.

  • 7 On-Going Support
    • As your employer, we will maintain strong communication channels with you during your contract term and beyond. We will look to help you with advice and feedback to help you grow your career and maintain your competitive advantage.

      Of course your consultant will always be on hand to take questions or queries from you.

  • 8 Contract Renewal? Temp-to-Perm? New Search?
    • As your contact comes to an end, you can could on us to work with you to make any transition smooth. Whether this is helping you to renew your contract, convert from Temp-to-Perm, or assist you in a new search, we are committed to helping you develop your career over the long term.