Message From the Partners

Understanding People; Working Together; Delivering Results

We started the Specialized Group on the principle of dealing with each candidate, client, consultant and vendor fairly. This principle, together with our cultural values of Understanding People, Working Together and Delivering Results, has allowed us to develop and grow through the quality of information and range of choices we're able to provide to everyone we do business with.

Understanding People

Central to our culture is understanding people. Only by understanding precisely what each client needs and what each candidate wants can we be sure that we are adding value to every introduction.

Each individual's unique combination of experiences, expectations and values shapes the way we decide on who we want to work with. Clients look for particular skill sets or character types "individuals that will help them meet the challenges their business is likely to face over the next two years" yet their choices are often influenced by their own experiences of working with different kinds of people, and often reflect their own personal goals and values.

Candidates also have their own criteria and priorities when making career decisions "the idea of advancement" means different things to different people, and financial considerations are not always paramount. Understanding what drives a candidate's career choices and what they expect from a new role is vital to making sure that the people we place start their new job with the same expectations as the company, or perhaps more importantly the person, that hires them.

Working Together

For our own team, we select, retain and promote consultants who demonstrate integrity, share our core values and take pride in acquiring the knowledge necessary to provide a worthwhile service that clients and candidates will find of value. This shared sense of purpose results in a group of people who trust and enjoy working together to offer in-depth information on the potential availability of talented people for clients or current opportunities for candidates.

Delivering Results

In the end, we're judged by our continued ability to make successful introductions. Understanding people and working together is the best way to meet the objectives of our clients, candidates, each member of our team, and our company.

We would like to thank everyone we have worked with over the past few years, and look forward to helping you with your recruitment decisions in the future.